Become a Toppik Retailer are the official dististributors for Toppik in the UK and we would be happy to consider Retail applicants across the UK. We are looking for partners who can meet the following requirements:

  • A strong understanding of cosmetic hair thinning solutions and the hair loss market
  • A commitment to order a minimum value of stock each year
  • A proactive attitude towards managing and implementing marketing and PR activities
  • Commitment to adhere to the company's visual merchandising guidelines
  • A passion for cascading product knowledge to the rest of the team
  • Whose ethics and values are in line with our own

Retail Toppik and work with us

30 years ago, the Toppik founders created an entirely new category of cosmetic solutions for thinning hair. Since then Toppik has given millions of men and women the look and confidence of a full, thick head of hair and a more youthful appearance. Central to the Toppik line are the Hair Building Fibers. These natural keratin fibers are magnetized with static energy and instantly intertwine with your own thinning hair, making it appear thick and full. Hair Building Fibers are part of the core category of products that CONCEAL fine, thin or thinning hair and scalp show-through.

But that's not all ! The Toppik products range includes categories for cleansing, restoring and styling hair. The CLEANSE category sets the foundation for getting the thicker, fuller-looking hair your customers want. The RESTORE category for fine, thin or thinning hair helps strengthen and nourish existing hair and provide the optimal environment for healthy hair growth and fuller-looking hair. Finally the STYLE category with Toppik products helps to get the most volume and body possible and to give hair a healthy shine.

These sought after hair loss solutions are a best seller and YOU can work with us to get them stocked in your own shop! If you want to stock official Toppik products then you will need to speak to us as we are the ONLY official UK Toppik wholesaler. 

Please call us: 01625 535374 or email - Our friendly Customer Service Team are looking forward to hearing from you.