Seeking a stylist - Finding your perfect partner


Toppik's top tips for finding a great stylist

Toppik shares some practical tips on how to find a hair stylist who'll make your locks look luscious and leave you feeling fabulous.

It's a dilemma we all have to face from time to time, your regular hairdresser, for whatever reason, is no longer an option and you're faced with the veritable minefield of trying to decide who you'll trust with looking after your hair. By extension this includes looking after your appearance, self-image and your confidence, so the stakes are high. Like any long-term relationship, you'll no doubt want to make sure your potential future hair care professional is your type of stylist, that you'll get along with them and that they're someone who wants the best for you.


Ask others around you

Chances are, there's someone in your immediate circle of friends, colleagues and acquaintances whose hair always looks great. Why not say so and ask where they get their hair done? Even if you decide not to try out their recommendation, the question will no doubt be taken as a sincere compliment, which will surely make your friend feel on top of the world. A deposit in the karma bank if nothing else.


Check their website

Like any other business, salons are likely to have their own website, this can give you valuable insights into who they are and whether you feel they're a match for you. Biographies of the stylists working there, perhaps an indication of the processes and products used and an overall feel for whether you're likely to enjoy the experience they offer are all things that can be gleaned.


Research Reviews

A search for stylists in your area will no doubt throw up pages of results, so make sure you check out the reviews for each one you like the look of. Don't just look at marks out of 10 or star ratings, look at what people have taken time to write and how many have done so. A few negative reviews aren't necessarily a deal breaker but taken in context with the positive ones, their quality and their quantity will help you make a balanced choice.


Are your favourite products stocked?

Part of the salon experience is being able to take away better quality, more exclusive products than those you might find stocked in the supermarket. A good stylist will no doubt have carefully selected the products they use and supply in their salon so keep an eye out for what's available in the places you're considering. The presence of XFusion by Toppik products might not guarantee a great haircut, but it's a good start and show the stylists care about their clients.


Study their Social Media

In an increasingly media-savvy world, chances are your potential future stylist is active on social media. This can be a great indicator of the styles other people have walked out with. If there's a mix of self-created content and tagged pictures from their clients, you pick up a 'good vibe' from any interactions you see and there are images of styles you might like yourself, then the salon might be one worth visiting.


Book a consultation

Once you've narrowed down the list of potentials, perhaps the best way to finally make your mind up is to arrange to visit them and have a chat about what look you're considering. Meeting in person should hopefully give you the strongest guide to whether they're right for you.


Can you offer any additional advice for those seeking a stylist? Let us know how you go about selecting a salon.

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