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 Toppik - hair colour mix and match

Did you know you could mix and match Toppik Fibers?

Toppik's proprietary hair building fibers have changed the lives of countless thousands the world over by giving them the appearance of thicker, fuller hair and the confidence that goes along with it.

Everyone's hair is different, however we're confident that one of the nine colours available from the Toppik Hair Building Fiber range will be a close enough match for pretty much anyone's hair to allow the fibres to blend invisibly with the natural colour of the hair it bonds to.

If however, you're looking for an even more exact match, it's possible to mix two or more different shades in different proportions to create a virtually limitless range of hair fibre colours.


How to Choose The Right Hair Fiber Colours

You know your own hair best, you may have noticed that amongst the strands of your primary hair colour, are hairs of another colour entirely, maybe more than one other colour. In this case, pick the Toppik Hair Building Fibers which are the closest to the hair colours you're attempting to match. When mixing  Toppik hair building fibers, you may choose to try and mix the different shades in a proportion which mimics your own natural hair colour distribution. You may also choose to subtly enhance this rogue shade by increasing the proportion of fibres which are closest to that colour.
toppik hair fibers colours

How to mix Toppik Hair Building Fibers

There are two ways you can mix Toppik Hair Building Fibers and both are refreshingly straightforward.

The first is simply to apply one colour to your head as normal and then switch to the other and add in increments until you've achieved the desired shade. For precision application of Toppik hair building fibers, there's nothing better than the Toppik Spray Applicator to get the exact amount of fibres in exactly the right place.

The second method involves mixing the fibres in a bowl and then transferring them back to an empty Toppik shaker for easy application. You can mix up an entire batch this way so you won't have to worry about creating your preferred custom colour each time.

We recommend, whichever mixing method you use, that you start with the darker of the two Toppik colours and gradually apply the lighter colour until the desired shade has been achieved to your satisfaction.


Over to you

Have you tried mixing Toppik colours? What combinations have suited you the best? We'd love to hear how you've got on.

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