Make sure your eyebrows stand out this Summer

With Summer just around the corner, Toppik is here to explain the importance of making your eyebrows stand out whilst giving you some advice on how you can make sure you have the best eyebrows possible thanks to our Brow Building Fibers.


The Importance Of Perfect Eyebrows

Eyebrows are a very important part of our facial appearance. They are one of the most distinctive features that make up our faces and we pay a lot of attention to them. We think of some types of eyebrows as attractive and some as unattractive and many people spend as much time preparing their eyebrows as they do apply makeup to their eyelashes or lips. Eyebrows are also one of our most expressive facial features.

One of the clearest ways to tell somebody what you're thinking is to simply move your eyebrows up or down. We all tend to know what different eyebrow positions mean. This shows that eyebrows obviously serve a lot of functions in our culture today such as beauty, nonverbal communication and distinctive appearance.

No matter whether you are travelling abroad or not this year, here are her five reasons why having the right shape is key to your overall look this Summer:

  1. They make you look rested – Not everyone gets much during the summer months as most people struggle to sleep with the heat, especially if you are on holiday. Having your eyebrows neatly done can make you look as if you have had a full nights sleep.
  2. They give you a subtle, more modern change – And you don’t even have to splurge on new makeup.
  3. Toppik brow building fibres are only £16.95 which is exactly why we say they are an inexpensive way to look great without having to resort to unnatural procedures like botox.
  4. It’s the easiest way to make you look like you had an eye lift without spending fortunes.
  5. Having them done on a regular basis makes you look younger and fresher. This is obviously one of if not the biggest factors in why people will choose to use eyebrow products.

How to get the best out of your eyebrows

Well, to get the best out of your eyebrows it's a lot simpler than you probably thought. Toppik Brow Building Fibres are the answer as they are superior to other brow fibres because there are two means by which they fill in and add natural-looking fullness to even the thinnest brows - the conditioning wax and the natural static charge.

The Brow Conditioning Wax is extremely lightweight and it does a few things for your brows:

  • It allows you to define the shape of your brows.
  • It tames unruly brow hairs.
  • It adds staying power and sets the shape of the brow in place.
  • It conditions your naturally coarse eyebrow hair, skin and follicles with nourishing Mango, Shea and Cocoa butter, Avocado and Jojoba oils.

The Toppik Brow Building Fibres cling to your eyebrow hairs and are anchored by the conditioning wax. This creates the fullness and dimension, to make eyebrows look naturally thick and full even where there are spaces between hairs.

The Fibres are uniquely formulated for eyebrows. Eyebrow hair is a different type of hair and has different behaviour than the hair on our heads. Just like Toppik Hair Building Fibres helps create the look of hair on our heads, Brow Building Fibres create a similar result but for our brows.

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