Are your brows on Fleek?

history of eyebrows

On fleek is an interesting phrase and seems to be everywhere at the moment, especially eyebrows or brows on fleek but what does it actually mean?

Apparently, it’s a combination of smooth, nice, sweet and awesome, and is now synonymous with eyebrows, thanks (at least in part) to Ariana Grande.

Although Ariana didn’t personally coin the phrase, she did include it in her song lyrics and that was enough, it seems, to get the whole internet worrying about the state of its brows.

For those of us already blessed with well-defined or even bushy brows, a regular trip to the beautician might be all we need to help keep them ‘on-fleek’.

However, for those of us with thin, sparse or even none existent brows, this craze has become a major source of stress in the daily battle for beautiful brows.

Well-groomed brows have the ability to add definition to the face, contouring and even helping to offset some of the signs of ageing.

Brows that are well positioned can really lift the face, drawing attention to the eyes and away from areas such as the lower jaw and nasal labial lines which are some of the first areas to start to show signs of ageing.

But how do we actually achieve that youthful, statement look without looking fake?

Whilst a bewildering array of products including powder, pencil, mascara and wax are on offer to help us fill in and define brows, each has their drawbacks, particularly if your brows are barely, or not even really, there.

Whilst these methods can all help to produce a nicely shaped and coloured brow, sadly the effect is very 2d.   Fine, if you are simply wanting to fill in the gaps between existing brow hair, but if you are looking to actually build a brow from scratch, then you really need to be thinking about creating a more realistic, 3d effect.

But how, particularly if you have a condition such as alopecia or little to no brow hair?

The answer lies in the innovative use of fibre brow technology.

Fibres can help to replace the hair you have lost, or may never have had, and help to really bring the brow to life

More than just colour and shape, the fibres re-create the look of natural brows with thousands of tiny hair like fibres that give real depth, helping you to achieve the must have statement 3d brow that looks ‘on fleek’ from every angle.

Check out our video below showing how fast Toppik Eyebrow fibres work!

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