Short Hairstyles For Women This Summer

With summer fast approaching we look at some of the most popular short hairstyles that will go together great with our Toppik products during the hotter months.

short hairstyles

Sideswept Bangs

There's something beautiful and even a little bit coy about bangs that just barely graze the eye. And it also happens to be incredibly easy to achieve at home.

To get this look simply blow-dry this style using what she calls a "wrap dry" technique: With a Toppik brush. First push the hair down and to the left, and then down and to the right, and back and forth. This helps get the swoop of the bang. Sometimes the simplest looks are the ones that look the best.

Blunt Bob

Sharp angles and a very slight bend are what gives Kelly Rowland a polished look. If your hair is thick or curly, have your stylist thin it out a bit to create texture without the extra pouffy. volume.

Wavy Lob

This wavy lob looks hard to maintain, but it's actually fairly easy. Your hairstylist should adjust the allover layers to fit your face. Loosely wrap one-to-two-inch sections of hair around a curling rod then flip your head upside down and mist on a light-hold hair spray.

Spiky Pixie

Jennifer Hudson's spiked pixie can best be described as straight-up trendy. And her layers is part of what makes it work so well. To re-create Hudson's texture, start by running a flatiron over sections of hair and then rake a hair volumizing spray through it for separation.

Slicked Back

This is the short-hair equivalent of a lazy-girl topknot. It takes minimal effort, works well with second-day hair, and looks undeniably cool. To get it, wet your hair, smooth a styling cream or pomade through it, create a part (or not), and comb the hair down and away from your face, smoothing as you go.

Curly Fro

The key to this style is keeping hair in top condition so the ends don't look frizzy. One way to do that is to moisturise the hell out of it with hair conditioner. Comb the oil through wet hair and allow it to air-dry, then reapply it again and let your natural curls do their thing.

Edgy Pixie

Want proof that an edgy cut can also be glam? Just apply a dab of styling cream to give hold and blow-dry with a large round brush. Then run your hands through the top and lightly spritz with a medium-hold hair spray.

Textured Bob

This makes Demi Lovato look stunning and super trendy. This textured cut is perfect for summer. But be warned, the textured cut can cause instant attraction and if you are going on holiday this year, you might end up with more than one person of interest.

Structured Pixie

Yes, it's a super short cut, but the full top and thin sides give this pixie more structure than most. To re-create this look, blow-dry the hair forward with your hands and take a flat iron to really polish it smooth

Ombré Lobs

An ombré style doesn't always have to have a drastic colour change. Try a subtle ombré like Kristen Wiig for a sophisticated take on the uber popular trend.

Remember that if you are suffering from hair loss then you can still achieve this look with the help of Toppik hair building fibres

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