Is Antibleach truly a damage free way to colour your hair?


#Antibleach - Could 'bleach free' be the holy grail of hair colouring?

At Toppik, we always on the cutting edge of what can be done with and for hair, so we've been very excited to hear about the latest industry murmers from London about a new holistic hair colouring technique; antibleach. Could this be a hair care revolution?

Bleach is a powerful, aggressive chemical which is traditionally regarded as the best way to lighten naturally dark, or dark coloured hair. It has to be done properly though and even then, that only mitigates the damage it causes to your hair.

Over two years, the London based 'Not Another Salon' has developed and tested a method of colouring and most notably, of lightening hair without using bleach to strip out that unwanted colour. After having to refuse bleach treatment to a few too many clients due to their hair being already too damaged by it to tolerate another treatment, these inventive hair specialists have developed an alternative which is not only effective but kind to their customer's hair too!

Instead of using bleach, this salon has pioneered the use of super light blonde hues to counteract the underlying colour without stripping it out.

The upshot of this is that, with some exceptions, once your hair has been lightened, it can be vividly coloured in any bright shade you can think of, without causing the damage associated with bleach treatments.

Will antibleach work for everyone?

'Not Another Salon' is pretty forthright in saying that this option doesn't work for everyone, in particular, those with exceptionally dark hair may not benefit so well from this technique. They haven't abandoned bleach entirely, but there is some optimism about the #antibleach treatment significantly reducing its use.

According to the London Salon, they're seeing definite patterns in the colours their customers are requesting. Copper is exceptionally popular at the moment, but after that, people are getting braver, moving to purples and pinks, then greens and blues once they get really daring.

At Toppik, we're always keen to hear about products which help people enjoy their hair without sacrificing its health, so we'll be watching this new development with interest. For the time being though, our hair building fibers only come in natural colours!