How to cope with the emotional side of hair loss?


There are many reasons why people experience hair loss, but all of them have an emotional impact. Whether you have suffered total hair loss through chemotherapy treatment, or you have noticed a gradual thinning of your hair as you age, it is natural to worry and struggle with emotional issues as a result. Many people focus on practical solutions, such as trying hair loss shampoos or wearing a wig. However there is the emotional trauma of losing your hair and the struggle to accept your changing appearance, the effect on your confidence and your ability to interact with others. If you are suffering from hair loss, you’ll know that the combination of these issues can put a great strain on your life and well being. However, it’s a problem that must be tackled if you want to continue a healthy and happy life.

For men, hair loss can be a sensitive issue, which is usually dealt with an element of denial, usually by an attempt to hide the hair loss. Hair has for centuries been linked with male fertility and strength, which underlies the reason why many men find that hair loss is such a stressful experience. Hair loss can make you feel older and less attractive to the opposite sex, creating stress and anxiety in your relationships. If you are struggling with these issues, it is important to know that hair loss is more common and more acceptable than you realise. There are many celebrities that have embraced baldness and are still considered to be heart throbs by millions of women. Take time to consider your appearance and try various treatments, such as thickening shampoos, hair thickening fibres, scalp concealers or hair pieces to boost your confidence and your looks.

Hair loss has been typically defined as a male condition, but in fact, many women also suffer from varying degrees of hair loss. For women, this can be even more distressing, due to the social pressure of looking and staying beautiful. The reactions of others can be particularly upsetting and this can have a huge impact on your self confidence. It is important not to suffer in silence or withdraw from society, but instead seek a support network that can help promote your self esteem. Join a women’s group to share ideas, try products and get emotional support. However you decide to deal with the issue, it is important to seek help and advice to avoid further psychological damage.

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