Can excessive Vitamin A cause hair loss?

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant and has many great properties that can improve your health. It’s an important part of a healthy and balanced diet. However excessive Vitamin A can cause a number of problems including hair loss. Here we’ll explain why too much Vitamin A is bad for you and your hair.

Doesn’t Vitamin A stimulate hair growth? - Vitamin A is essential for healthy hair. It repairs the hair and helps to keep the scalp moist. Many hair loss treatments contain Vitamin A as it is thought to stimulate hair growth. The problem is that too much Vitamin A can have detrimental effects on both the hair and body.

If you take too much Vitamin A, the hair follicles will go into overdrive. This means that your hair will be reaching the end of the growth phase too quickly and falling out. If your body is unable to make new hair quick enough to replace it, you can end up experiencing hair thinning and in severe cases, baldness.

What to do if Vitamin A has caused hair loss.
If you believe you have lost some of your hair as a result of taking too much Vitamin A, then you will need to stop or drastically reduce your intake of the vitamin. Once your nutrient levels have evened out, your hair should grow back normally.

How to get a healthy intake of Vitamin A.
The best way to avoid taking too much Vitamin A is to get it through food, rather than supplements. Red, yellow, orange and dark green vegetables are all great sources of Vitamin A. You can also get it from eggs, liver, fortified milk and cereals. Eat a healthy, balanced diet and you’ll get all the Vitamin A you need.

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