Thinning Hair and the Menopause

thinning hair women menopause

Hot flushes, low energy and mood swings – if only that was the full list of symptoms that women face when entering the menopause, but alongside weight gain and an inability to shift those stubborn pounds, some women also start to complain of thinning hair.

Whilst good nutrition can play its part, many women are advised to get a health work-up to check hormone levels and rule out the possibility of thyroid issues, which can also cause the hair to thin.

However, having the problem medically diagnosed is one thing, coping with the changes and attempting to reverse the situation can be complex and take time. In some cases, women simply have to learn to live with less than perfect hair, which can really dent their confidence at a time when they may already be feeling emotionally vulnerable.

Solutions for thinning hair

So what to do?

First off, don’t panic. If your hair brush seems to be harvesting more of your locks than you would like, try switching to natural bristles. They are proven to be gentler on hair overall by pulling less and having the added benefit of making your remaining locks look extra shiny and healthy.

Switching to a low-sulphate shampoo can also stop the hair being stripped of its natural oils and moisture, which is vital if it is drier than it used to be and prone to frizz.

Many women obtain benefits from going down the conditioner washing or ‘no 'poo’ approach. This means ‘washing’ your hair with conditioner and omitting shampoo altogether in an effort to rebalance moisture levels. This is most suitable for naturally curly hair.

Skipping products that contain silicone also helps moisture to enter the hair shaft where it is needed. Silicone sits on top of the hair forming a barrier that actually robs your hair of moisture over time, so is best left out of your routine if you can live without is temporary smoothing properties.

There is also much that can also be done cosmetically to improve the appearance of hair. Thickening shampoos, mousses and treatments can play their part providing your hair is healthy and not dry, as many of these products contain silicones and other nasties.

But for immediate coverage (think hot date or an unexpected night out!) products that add hair fibres to the hair and scalp can make a dramatic difference, helping to disguise bald patches or troublesome thin sections for completely natural results, with no long-term effect on the hair shaft itself!

This stuff is so good you might even decide to let the man in your life into the secret, but I guess that rather depends on your mood!

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