The pressure of perceived perfection and self esteem

hair loss and self esteem

Male pattern hair loss and self esteem - the struggle is real

It's a prominent feature, an expression of our character, shows off our sense of style and represents our personality. At Toppik, we understand that the hair on our heads is very much a part of who we are. When it inevitably begins to abandon us, we start to lose a part of ourselves, literally and often figuratively. Self esteem can often be a casualty.

Some hair loss is an inevitable part of getting older. We're born with all the hair follicles we're ever going to have and these gradually shut down over time.

In men especially, hair loss starts to become noticeable from the mid-twenties onwards. Although, for some, hair loss can become apparent much earlier.

With men's hair trends in recent years favouring more ostentatious styles and modern takes on classic cuts like the pompadour, it can be a blow to the confidence of young men, still very much in their prime, to realise that they can no longer carry off the latest looks. Especially when many of their contemporaries are still able to do so.


Getting old? Don't be silly!

For many, the realisation that hair is getting thinner is the first sign that age comes to us all. It may seem almost laughable for a 25-year-old to describe themselves as 'getting old', but we've probably all heard someone in their early twenties say something similar.

It's important to remember though, that for the first twenty to thirty years of our lives, we're accustomed to getting growing bigger, getting stronger, learning more and earning more with each passing year. The opportunities life has to offer seem limitless and we still have our whole lives ahead of us. With this being the case, the first signs of hair loss can be a hammer blow, serving as a tangible reminder that life does, in fact, have limits. Not everyone takes this well.


Appearance affects self-image

Selfies and social media are increasingly used, and not just by millennials, as a route to boosting self-esteem. By creating the most perfect pictures we can of ourselves and of our lives, in order to post it online, we're in eternal competition with everyone else doing exactly the same thing.

The problem with this 21st century version of "keeping up with the Joneses" is that it's an impossible pursuit. Creating a fake, heavily curated version of reality because your real life can't compete with the fake heavily curated versions of reality everyone else is sharing, is a recipe for low self esteem at the best of times.  Especially so when the spectre of hair loss starts to manifest itself.


Reversing hair loss?

Unfortunately, while hair loss can be disguised and sometimes delayed, it can't be reversed. Looking after the hair you have by looking after the rest of you may well reduce the rate of loss. Using kinder, better quality products to wash and condition will cause less damage. Also, once baldness starts to become noticeable, the application of hair building fibers can give the appearance of thicker, fuller hair and hopefully restore your confidence in the process.

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