Seven Hair Myths You've Probably Accepted As Truth

hair loss myths
People love to give advice, so much so that they'll often offer it before they're asked. Much of this advice is simply what they heard from an unspecified source. Which they heard from someone else. Who probably made it up. Quite often it's simple to spot a tall tale, however, some long accepted words of wisdom are in truth pretty far from the facts. We at Toppik have assembled some of the most enduring follicle fantasies and explained why they're fully fictional.


Cutting your hair makes it grow faster

Unfortunately this simply isn't true, a trim won't affect the normal growth of hair, but it can help your hair grow longer. Confused? Don't be. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it!  A trim can make your hair look tidier and halt the progress of split ends. Split ends, if left unchecked, can travel up the hair shaft leading to premature breakage. This in turn leads to far fewer hair strands achieving the length you desire. So trimming doesn't enhance growth, it just gives each hair a better chance of staying the course.


Air drying is the least damaging way to dry your hair

This myth seems pretty convincing, however, when you bear in mind that each hair is porous it makes less sense. The outer layer of each hair strand is a series of scales arranged like the tiles of a roof. The flatter the scales lie, the less liquid can penetrate to the core. Wet hairs will swell and stretch further than dry hairs, but they'll also break more easily (which is why wet hair shouldn't be brushed). While towelling causes friction, which can be damaging, hair dryers use heat, which can be damaging, air drying exposes your hair to water for extended periods, which can also be damaging. Gentle towelling, or using a hairdryer on its lowest setting seem to be the best compromises. A good conditioner can make all the difference here, conditioner flattens the scales and nourishes the hair, reducing the chances of breakage, whichever drying method you choose.


Hats cause hair loss

Another popular myth, despite the opposite usually being true. Hats aren't worn routinely these days and where they are worn it's generally for a specific purpose; to protect your head from whatever the seasons might throw at you. In the summer, a hat keeps the sunshine off your head and neck, this is as good for your hair as it is your skin and eyes. Heat and rays from the sun can damage your hair and hats provide protection. Similarly, a hat worn in cooler weather mitigates the extreme effects of moving from the warm indoors to the cold outdoors and avoids exposure to cold damp air once you're out. We mentioned above that wet hair is more susceptible to damage, so a hat worn in the rain does more than just save you from a sodden scalp.


Hair should be brushed 100 times every day

All hair is different, so why would an arbitrary and conveniently round number of brush strokes represent an optimum amount of brushing? Simply put, it doesn't. Brushing your hair is a balancing act, you should brush enough that your hair is neat and untangled, but no more. Even with good brushing technique, every brush stroke has the potential to cause damage, so you should brush until your hair is detangled from scalp to tip (spreading your natural oils in the process) and not a brushstroke more.


Cold water washes make your hair shinier

If you've ever shivered in the shower, then suffer no more, a cold hose down is no better for looking after your locks than a warm water wash. While it's true that extremely high temperatures can damage hair, lukewarm water won't and is actually better at rinsing out shampoo suds than its chilly counterpart.


Using a shampoo for too long lessens the effect

If you've been using a particular shampoo for a while due to the effects you noticed when you first started using it, you may indeed stop noticing the benefits. But this isn't because your hair has become resilient to those properties, it's because you've become so accustomed to the particular effects of your chosen product that this is now your 'normal'. There's no need to constantly switch between shampoos, just find a good one which cares for your hair and stick with it. Naturally we recommend Toppik Shampoo containing Keratin and natural minerals which benefit your hair, while being without the damaging parabens and sulphates commonly found in cheaper products.


Your boss, kids and significant other are giving you grey hairs

Stress is often blamed for causing grey hair and while extreme stress can lead to hair falling out before it otherwise would this is because the stress hormone can trigger a hair follicles 'rest phase' prematurely. It'll grow back once the 'growth phase' re-starts. In the meantime, you might consider using our Couvré Scalp Concealer to hide the gaps while you're waiting for your regrowth. The true causes of grey hair are genetic predisposition and time. The older you get, the less melanin (responsible for the colour of your hair) you produce. Look to your parents and their parents, the earlier they started turning silver, the sooner you will too.


Have you heard any other hair care howlers? What other hair myths do you wish people would stop believing?

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