Inherited Hair Loss and what can be done about it

hair loss

Androgenetic hair loss can't be prevented, but you can hide the effects

There are many things in life we can control, but also many things we can't. The contents of our DNA fall squarely into that latter category. In some cases, this includes inherited hair loss. While many people are able to hold onto a full head of hair well into old age, most of us will start to notice our scalps are getting increasingly defoliated as time goes on.


What is Androgenetic hair loss

Some sufferers of this type of hair loss might have the misfortune to notice, in men especially, that they're getting thin on top from their early 20's, but most will start to notice some degree of hair loss by the time they hit their 30's. Affected women tend to start losing their hair a little later and in a slightly different pattern.

Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do to prevent androgenetic hair loss. If your parents lost their hair at a particular time of life, chances are that you will too. People with androgenetic hair loss are, as the name suggests predisposed by genetics to the early shrinking of their hair follicles and also sensitive to the hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which triggers it.


What can be done about inherited hair loss?

Although there's currently no cure, certain steps can be taken to reduce the effects of inherited hair loss. If one or both of your parents started losing their hair early in life, then it's worthwhile looking after your hair as best you can, as early as you can.

Slow it down?

A solution of minoxidil applied to the scalp is believed by some people to slow down the effects of this form of alopecia, however, the results aren't widespread or conclusive. Additionally, minoxidil solution is very expensive and is known to have side effects such as irritation or even allergic reactions.

Look after your hair

Avoid using harsh products on your hair, in particular, hair care products with ingredients ending 'sulphate' or 'paraben'. Don't subject your hair to extremes of temperature and protect your hair from the sun when you can. These won't slow down genetic hair loss, but it'll give you the best chance of not losing hair via other means, giving you better coverage for longer. Better quality hair care products such as Toppik shampoo and conditioner contain many of the nutrients essential to keep hair healthy and nothing harmful.

Conceal the gaps

Once the gaps start to appear, hope is not lost. Toppik Hair Building fibers, available in a range of colours, can effectively and invisibly conceal patches of thinner hair by bonding with the hair you do have, making it look thicker and fuller. It can't give you back what inherited hair loss has taken, but it can disguise the absence of it and help give you back your confidence.

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