David Beckham shows no sign of hair loss in his latest hairstyle

Even at the age of 42, David Beckham is showing no signs of hair loss. He was spotted most recently collecting his latest award from the FA ceremony this weekend and what was even more surprising was his latest hairstyle.

hair loss

So what is David Beckham's latest hairstyle and can you achieve a similar look? Well, today we are going to run you through everything you need to know about his latest hairstyle and how you can hide any signs of hair loss in the process.

What's is the latest men's hairstyle?

David Beckham was spotted with a man bun hairstyle which he hasn't had since 2003.

When it comes to thinning hair, the man bun can be one of your best possible options and it will do a lot of the work for you, this means you will only need small amounts of Toppik hair fattener applied to your head to be able to add a voluminous look and give your hair some life.

The man bun is great for fitting into different environments. In addition, if it's worn correctly it can look very professional as in the 15th to 19th century was a sign of significant wealth. However, at the same time if can be worn to be able to fit into a more casual modern environment. It all depends on the aesthetic you aim for and how you present it.

The man bun can take a long time to grow, so unless you already have a significant amount of hair or have the patience to wait for it could be the downfall of the style. Beckham himself has been growing his hair for a while and is developing on from the pompadour style he sported most recently.

The average man bun can take over a year to grow out from a short hairstyle and this can be off-putting to many people.This hairstyle does have a wide range of benefits to the wearer. Things such as a very low maintenance, less barbering costs and the simple fact that not many people have the hairstyle making it in a matter of speaking fairly unique. All of this can be very enticing to the right person.

What face shape does it suit?

This sort of style can work particularly well for those with longer faces: Styling your hair back rather than forward can reduce the face appearing too long while sweeping the top section back will add height and accentuate the face's angles.

What hair type does it suit?

This style can suit most hair types, working best when the natural wave and direction of the hair is enhanced.

Thicker hair can be thinned out on top, reducing the weight and but staying textured. Fine hair might not hold up as easily, but adding more Toppik root volumizing spray or using Toppik coloured hair thickener for lift should rectify this. Curly hair could provide an interesting variation to the hairstyle's silhouette.

How do you maintain it?

Beckham has gone for a more natural look than we have previously experienced: There is less upkeep with the man bun hairstyle.

To keep your hairstyle looking smart every day we recommend to blow dry your hair with a vent brush and once it has dried, apply a small amount of Toppik hair fattener to give it some hold, while still looking natural. If you are suffering from hair loss then whilst growing your hair long use Toppik hair building fibers to cover any thinning hair you may have. Use your hands rather than a comb/brush to style brush it back and tie it together with a small band.

What do I tell my barber?

If you already have quite long hair and want to use this hairstyle to look neater then the best thing to do is to bring an image, possibly even the one we have attached in this blog. Once the barber or hairdresser understands what you are looking for they should be able to proceed easily enough. After all, you won't be the only one asking to look like David Beckham.

We usually recommend asking your barber for advice; however, on this occasion, we would have to ask you look online for advice on whether this hairstyle would suit you. The simple reason being a man bun required a trip to the barbershop once a year instead of once a month so your barber will more often than not advise against it.

Hide hair loss

Like everything Beckham does, it's bound to inspire others to follow suit. So if you are fighting hair loss but are looking at following Beckham in his latest hair trend then get ready to grow you hair for a few months and use Toppik products to hide hair loss.

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