Beat Early Male Pattern Baldness with Toppik Hair Fibres

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Few people welcome the signs of ageing, but when those signs start to happen earlier than expected, it can be even more distressing.

Young people are under far more pressure to look good than ever before, and while hormone related issues like acne are to be expected at this time of life, the onset of male pattern baldness often is not.

Male Pattern Baldness

It may surprise you to know that male pattern baldness can begin as early as age 16, the age at which many young men are still going through the final stages of puberty.

It can have a major effect on confidence, causing suffers to become withdrawn, adding further anxiety to an already emotionally charged time.

Add social media to the mix and the pressure to always be at your best, and it is not surprising that physical changes can and often do result in mental stress.  This, if not nipped in the bud, can lead to long term anxiety, depression and a general loss of confidence.

However, there is hope.

Sometimes it is the rate of change that can be most unnerving, however, male pattern baldness generally progresses very slowly and it can be some time before the gradual thinning becomes more noticeable.  Luckily there is much that can be done if the signs are detected early.

Typically, the hairline around the face (particularly the temples) or the crown of the head is the first to show signs.  If your hair is falling out in a different place or at a faster rate, it is important to rule out other medical causes by checking in with your GP.

Treatment and cover ups for early male pattern baldness

From a practical perspective using specialist shampoo, conditioner and styling products can do wonders to help you hold onto your hair for longer, by stimulating the hair follicle at the root, as well as helping it to appear thicker.

Adding products that use natural hair fibres into your routine can really transform the appearance of your hair and give you a lot more versatility in the way you choose to style it.

Emotionally it is important to try to process the effect thinning hair is having on you.  Often losing hair can result in a kind of identity crisis.  You may have always looked a certain way, or been used to receiving compliments about your hair, and so the fear of losing it can go a little deeper than the loss of the hair itself.

It is therefore important to remember that you are more than your hair and have far more gifts and talents than follicles alone!  Spend time focusing on the things that you like about yourself and are proud of, remembering past achievements and how far you have come can help you to feel much more positive.

Using products that slow the transition and make the most of what you have, such as hair fibres, can also give you all the time you need to learn to love your new look.

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