What does the winter do to your hair?

winter hair

The temperatures are dropping and as winter approaches, it's time to consider breaking out the knitwear. There's a nip in the air and you may already have fired up the boiler to get your radiators toasty warm. Toppik looks into what the cooler weather means for your follicles and the health of your hair.


Your hair will be drier

Dry air is tough on your hair. With central heating on one hand and winter wind on the other, you have the worst of both worlds. Dry hair is more likely to be brittle and to be afflicted with split ends. Dry air is the primary cause of seasonal hair loss and although it will grow back, it can be frustrating to see the damage the Winter months can do when you've spent the preceding seasons cultivating your locks.


You'll experience more tangle

Those winter winds will whip your hair all over the place and it'll become most apparent the next time you brush your hair after being out in a gale. All of a sudden, it'll seem like your hair has become a magnet for knots and tangles. Brush carefully!


Static frizz and flyaway strands

With dry air and friction, your hair will be building up a charge of static electricity causing it to stand up more and gravitate towards nearby objects. Like your hairbrush. With flyaway strands seemingly having a mind of their own, it can feel like your head is doing its best to impersonate candyfloss!

Hat hair

Protecting your head and your hair from the extremes of the elements with a warm hat is a practical and often stylish choice. However, despite being a better and cosier option than going without, be aware that the hat itself may cause friction and add to the seasonal predisposition for static. A satin lined hat can help minimise these annoyances.


What can I do this winter?

If dryness is the enemy of your hair in winter, then moisture is its' friend. The lack of humidity and lifted cuticles which cause you distress as the temperature drop can be mitigated by adding moisture and locking it in.

Treating your hair to Toppik Hair Building Conditioner is a great way moisturise and nourish your parched strands to keep at bay the worst the winter can throw. Containing none of the parabens and sulphates found in cheaper conditioner, it naturally strengthens and enhances your hair with its blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and keratin protein.

If your hair is already thin, or you're experiencing too much seasonal hair loss, help is at hand. Toppik Hair Building Fibers can be applied to your existing hair, where they'll bond seamlessly giving you the appearance of fuller, thicker hair. While washing your hair can remove these fibers, the wind, no matter how hard it blows cannot budge them, so they're perfect for keeping you feeling confident at all those festive parties.

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