New Year New You - Make 2018 your best hair year yet

New Year New You

Make treating your hair with extra care your new year resolution

With people making New Year resolutions all around you, why not go with this particular zeitgeist and make one of your own?

January 1st 2018, it's the start of a New Year and a clarion call for change. For many, it's the impetus to do the things you never quite round to, see more of the people you've not seen enough of and look after yourselves better after a few weeks eating and drinking a bit too much.

Over the party season, your hair has had a busy time. It's taken all you can throw at it. Various styles, hot tools and harsh products will have taken a toll, so perhaps now's the time to show your locks some love and let it rest.


Wash your hair with a kinder shampoo

Many products for hair contain sulphates and parabens which can be unnecessarily harsh on your hair. Instead, why not nourish your hardworking hair with Toppik Shampoo? Containing a lightweight formula that won't weigh your hair down and contains keratin protein, the same substance as your hair is made of, for a truly holistic hair care product


Condition with Kindness

After washing your hair, complement the beneficial effects of  Toppik shampoo, by following up with Toppik conditioner. As with our shampoo, there are no parabens or sulphates in our conditioner. Similarly, keratin protein and a variety of vitamins, minerals give your hair the nourishment it needs to recover from the party season.


Conceal the damage

If your hair's already starting to show a bit of wear from a few too many ambitious styles and your hairbrush is filled with casualties of the festive period, then don't despair. Toppik's proprietary hair building fibers can give you the appearance of thicker fuller hair by bonding invisibly with your hair and adding volume to each strand while your hair recovers. Our coloured hair thickener spray can also conceal hair loss, meaning you can start the new year with confidence.


Resolve to style more sympathetically

You might not feel like it right now, but at some point, you're going to want to break out your dancing shoes and enjoy a night out. Why not make a New Year resolution to use better quality, less damaging styling products on your hair this year? Toppik Volume Styling Kit has everything you need to create volume and style without causing damage.


This year, look after yourself, look after your hair and look after the people around you. On behalf of everyone at Toppik, we'd like to wish you a Happy New Year and hope 2018 is happy, healthy and prosperous for all of you.


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