Give your eyebrows some real personality


Get the look to help you give 'that look' with 'on fleek' eyebrows

You can say a lot, even without words, just by raising an eyebrow. That little line of hair above our eyes is a wonderful tool for communication and allows us to express a huge range of emotions; happiness, sadness, disbelief, anger, elation, surprise and many others besides.

It's no longer enough just to keep your brows tidy with a pair of tweezers. The modern trend for 'on fleek' eyebrows demands that a little more thought should go into your brows. But how to get the high definition style, without the dreaded bridge shapes or resemblance to certain 'unhappy avians'!


Which styles will suit you?

Not every eyebrow style suits every face shape though, depending on the natural shape of your face and the hair you have surrounding it, some brow trends will suit you better than others.

A less pronounced jawline

If your face is more or less heart shaped, your eyebrows should appear more gently sculpted rather than being boldly defined. Be careful not to overdo it though, for eyebrows, thin is never in!

A more oval face shape

A well balanced eyebrow style will suit you well if you have an oval shaped face. You can experiment with a range of options.

A longer face or higher forehead

You can afford to have horizontally extended eyebrows to give youy a more balanced look, but be careful not to allow the 'tails' of your eyebrows to dip too much at their outermost tips or you'll risk looking permanently upset!

A round face

Is the same way you choose glasses to balance out the shape of your face (rounded frames for more angular faces and angular frames for more rounded faces), those of you with more rounded faces can enjoy experimenting with angles and higher arches.


Get the look you want

Whatever you face shape, preferred eyebrow style, or hair colour, the Toppik Brow Building Fibers Set can allow you to achieve the 'on fleek' look you've always dreamed of.

Containing our brow conditioning wax, our brow building fibers and a custom dual edged brush, you'll be able to make your expression ultra expressive, even if you're not especially blessed in the brow department.

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