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  • Our Favourite Holiday Hairstyles
    Our Favourite Holiday Hairstyles
    It’s hard to believe, but the holidays are almost here! If you’re anything like us, your calendar is already starting to fill up with lots of holiday parties and activities. So it’s time to start planning our looks. While we can’t help you with the outfits, we can help you find your best holiday hairstyle.
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  • Maintaining Healthy Hair Follicles
    Maintaining Healthy Hair Follicles
    You probably already know that hair grows from the hair follicle. But how much do you really know about hair follicles? It turns out that to grow healthier hair, you first need to understand how your hair follicles function.
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  • What Is Keratin?
    What Is Keratin?
    Some hair experts claim that keratin treatments and products can completely change the look and health of your hair. But before you invest in a keratin treatment or other products that contain keratin, it’s important to understand keratin.
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  • How to Choose the Best Styling Tools for Fine Hair
    How to Choose the Best Styling Tools for Fine Hair
    When you have thinning hair, protecting the hair you do have is extremely important. Damaging your hair through chemical processing, poor styling techniques, and yes, even heat tools, can lead to breakage, which will just make your hair look even thinner.
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