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For 30 years Toppik has developed innovative hair loss products to help thicken hair or make fine or thinning hair appear fuller. Toppik is the brand of choice for celebrities, stylists and millions of men and women who want to disguise thinning hair with a natural look that is undetectable. Toppik makes your hair instantly thicker and fuller and blends naturally with your own hair.

Hair Fibres

The secret is in the hair fibres, Toppik hair fibres are electro statically charged, the keratin fibres come in nine different shades to blend and attach to your own hair making your hair thicker. Because the fibres are electric static charged they bond safely to your hair and will look natural without moving even in the wind or rain. Despite their durability they are easy to shampoo out.

The specially designed Toppik moulded container makes it easy to sprinkle thousands of tiny colour matched hair fibres to the area of your scalp that is thinning and will bond with your own hair. The container will dispense the fibres through 167 digitally optimised openings that will charge the fibres on contact meaning they intertwine securely and naturally.

Thinning Hair and Hair Loss

Thinning hair is no longer a problem when you use Toppik hair fibres and products. You can disguise thinning hair and hair loss by using Toppik’s unique products, completely undetectable, in only 30 seconds you can disguise hair loss making hair appear full at the scalp and covering bald patches.